Engines Built by Fruitcove Maintenance

Ed Shreck's 64 Chevelle LS1 Engine

This is a 454 .030 overbore and 1/4 inch stroke to 490 cu. in. It has ceramic coated forged pistons and ceramic coated valves,Edelbrock aluminum heads,Hydraulic roller cam,Roller rockers, Beehive springs, Forged crank, H-beam rods. Total seal rings. Barry Grant six shooter. Appox 600 hp.

New 350 RamJet. 355HP

Ed Shreck's '62 Corvette 355 cu in

2 Liter Toyota Turbocharged 440 rear wheel horsepower

Keith Ward's '67 Camaro with LS1

DeMarco's 34 Chevy

355 cu in Chevy Small Block with Vortec super charger produces 500 crank horsepower

DeMarco's '81 Malibu 454 Chevy

Big Block Chevy 460 cu in roller cam 450 crank horsepower

Newly installed LS1 engine in '81 Malibu

Dan Allen's '69 Camaro RS SS

Big Block Chevy, 427 cu in 400 crank horsepower

Dr. John Crick's 71 Pantera

Karry Pierce's Merc Cruiser 454, fuel injected with stainless steel exhaust installed by Fruitcove Marine

DeMarco's 1995 Yamaha 1100 Raider waverunner rebuilt and modified engine

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