Detroit Autorama/Ford Museum

Joe and Linda were in Detroit from February 26- February 28th because of a generous customer, Gary Richards, who sent them on an all expense paid trip to the Autorama car show. This is where some of the best cars built are on display.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

The picture above was from our room in the Marriot in downtown Detroit at the Renaissance Center which is connected to the GM building. Here is a shot out of our window on the 23rd floor where you could see the Cobo Center where the Autorama show was being held. We could also see fireworks from Canada across the river.

This is a Dearborne Deuce which is the exact same car as the blue one we just finished. The artwork on this one was film stars.

You would think this car wouldn't fit in the average garage today. Not only was it an odd color but it seemed like a stretch.

The detail on these cars was top notch. They would not be drivers, they come in on trailers and have never been driven. Not only were the cars beautifully painted and designed but the sets they were on were unbelievable.

This was the Batmobile from one of the movies.

While staying at the Marriot we thought a lot of the Detroit people had tatoos, piercings, and colored hair but we found out they were having a tatoo convention in our hotel. We shot this photo which has all the artwork covering everyone's backs and the artist in the black shirt.

These shots are of Woodward Ave which is the starting point of the Dream Cruise every year.

We also visited the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborne. Here is a shot of the first flathead ever built.


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